Cycling in the Greater Geneva Area and Beyond

Experience one of Europe’s most scenic regions with Geneva Cycling! We can help you enjoy cycling tours in France and Switzerland, whether you’re looking for a full-package, simply wish to rent bikes, or want to have your luggage transferred from hotel to hotel while you ride.

Families, friends and colleagues are all welcome!  Our services are ideal for small parties of 6 or more.  No need to be in super shape… we have a whole range of e-bikes, hybrid bikes, and racing bikes.

Can’t gather a group of 6? Check out our smaller packages at

Logistics and Support

If you wish to organize your own trip, but don’t want to transport your luggage, we can help! Or we can offer full support with our vans, drivers, mechanics, and expertise.

Bike Rentals

For groups and smaller parties, we have a range of racing, hybrid, and e-bikes. Includes delivery to your hotel and pickup from anywhere in the Greater Geneva area and the French Alps!

Tour Packages

For a stress-free vacation, opt for one of our ready-to-book packages in the Alps, Provence, Burgundy, or Switzerland. All fitness levels welcome!

Who We Are

Geneva Cycling is the local division of Cyclomundo, a small bike tour company with tours available in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. We're passionate cyclists and travelers who love to organize trips on our home turf the same way we do it for ourselves when traveling in other parts of the world!

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