Bike Rental

No matter the type of riding you do, we have a bike for you. We offer various types of bike rental in Geneva and the surrounding area, delivered to wherever you need.
If you have issues picking the best possible bike for you,  read our rental bike recommendations. 

Rental racing bike in Geneva and the Alps

Road Bike

Wilier GTR Team (Or similar model)
Lightweight full carbon frame
Optimized for speed and road performance
Recommended for our most challenging tours, and any tour that takes place mostly on smooth ground



Trek FX 2 (Or similar model)
Easy to pick up and ride
Comfortable for long rides
Light without being flimsy – great for any terrain
A perfect rental for general and casual riders


Rental gravel bike in the Alps and Geneva

Gravel Bike

Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 (Or similar model)
The perfect bike to give gravel cycling a try 
Great for pavement and rough terrain alike
Comfortable like a hybrid; rides like a road bike
Great for the adventurous cyclist  

e bike


Raymon Tourray 500WH (Or similar model)
Electric motor makes any ride less challenging
Climb hills more easily than ever
Wider build makes for a smooth ride
Great for the younger or older riders in your group


Included with your Geneva Cycling bike rental...

For more information on bike specs, applicable regions, and included equipment, Contact Us!

Depending on our logistics, we can deliver your bike rental into Geneva and the surrounding area. Make sure you give us your exact location details and we will let you know the delivery cost!  

Our service includes delivery of rental bikes in Geneva and the Alps