Do you want to learn more about the region? 

First of all, check out the main tourist information sites for the Greater Geneva area:

  • Visit Geneva (city of Geneva):
    For things to do with the city of Geneva, ideas of activities to do in the city (exhibitions, museums and programme of cultural events). 
  • The Monts-de-Genève Tourist Office (Monts de Genève: Salève, Voirons, and Vuache):
    Given its geographical setting, this territory offers an astonishing variety of activities… it is also here that you can enjoy the best views over the lake.

 You can also consult the more general sites: 

  • Guide of the Haute Savoie: is a travel guide with over 3 million pages on tourism in France in 10 languages. Nice and simple to use, the site has more than 23 million visitors each year who are looking for practical and cultural information to help them prepare their next trip.
  •  Savoie-Mont-Blanc:
    Tourist information on the Haute-Savoie region. An exhaustive list of accommodation, sites, activities etc…

    How to get around in Greater Geneva? The sites to look at. 

First check out the websites of the biggest France-Vaud-Geneva transport operators: 

  • Léman Express:
    An extraordinary France-Vaud-Geneva feat which links together 45 train stations. Bikes are allowed on this network. 
  • TPG (Transports Publics Genevois): (page in French only)
    The bus, tram and “mouette” network (the ferries used to cross the lake) serving the Geneva agglomeration, including the French part. Only foldable bikes are allowed on this network.

And for your more local needs: 

And to reach Greater Geneva from further afield these sites will be useful:


TLocal and regional sites for cyclists: 
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