Renovation d'objets anciens à Landecy

Antiques in Landecy

When riding between Saconnex d’Arve and Landecy, just before arriving into Landecy, you will notice a house on your left which is hard to miss…an array of lamps sit outside with a clock and a postcard rack. You are in front of Jean-Philippe Naeff’s workshop, who specialises in the restoration of antiques.          …

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Cross the Lignon footbridge by bike

The Lignon Footbridge

Geneva is a city of water, with its lake, the Rhône, the Arve and their tributaries: the Drize, the Foron, the Seymax, the Aire, the Versoix and the Allondon, to name but a few. In this blogpost, we will cover some of the bridges, footbridges and viewpoints that we love… The Lignon footbridge, which stretches over …

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